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Hosting packages and prices

Hosting Packages and Pricing

Hosting will consist of publishing the customer approved website to a reliable server and ensuring its proper function. The monthly hosting fee will cover all reasonable technical and customer support issues. If managing the account, Otter Water Webs will publish changes as requested by the customer, monitor and update the site as needed and act as the webmaster.  Call for specifics.

Design fees will vary depending upon customer requirements, the amount and type of material to be published.  

Small Business Special: A basic small business site (up to 3 pages) custom designed to your satisfaction would cost $300 onetime setup with $200 annual hosting and management fees. Domain name registration is extra, typically $25/yr.

This site will include an attractive, easy to navigate design with an interactive menu bar. Email accounts (forwarding and/or POP3) are available.

We specialize in helping non-profits get on the web by offering reduced fees. Contact us to develop a product for your organization.

Don't have a domain name? We can find and register one for you today for an annual fee of $25.

Let the world know who you are!  You can have a world-wide presence in just a few days.  Contact Otter Water Webs by emailing us today.

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